Firefly Health

Firefly Health delivers healthcare at its best and partners with MacPhee Design for ongoing Webflow expertise and Client-First design system implementation.

Firefly Health already had an established Webflow website in place but the team needed more expertise in Webflow to move the site forward. MacPhee Design got to work and started cleaning up collections, building new components and pages, and eventually converted the entire website into the Client-First design system. Now with Client-First in place, the website has a project organization system and adding new components, mostly from Figma and the Relume Style Library, is a snap.

Webflow Style System

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Webflow Support

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CMS Build

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Client feedback

Having a Webflow expert build and maintain our site using the client-first design systems bring peace of mind that it’s in capable hands and scalable as our company and needs evolve.

Kevin Gask

Head of Design