Sleek, smart and savvy – that was the direction Dacon Corporation desired when repositioning their 33 year old brand within the architecture and construction sector.

With this assignment and knowing what content editors need, we built customized content so that site editors can add new insights with the ability to include a marketing optimization form and tracking, on-page editing (no backend!), as well as a add visually rich portfolio pieces. Partnering with brand designer Jeffrey Williamson, we focused on creating a visitor journey rich in visuals and relevant end user data, with an interface optimized for SEO and social sharing (Open Graph) plus easy upkeep.  The result – triple digit traffic increases and one happy client.


Brand design: Jeffery Williamson Design‍

Project director: Jim Hartrich


While most marketers commoditize website building, Susan of MacPhee Design Group (MDG) supersedes others in her ability to create a custom site that blends sleek aesthetics, simplistic design and savvy branding.  MDG's unique ability to synthesize sophisticated creative with a pragmatic, user-centric interface resulted in our site visitations growing 314%.  Susan's dignity, grace and rational approach was refreshing amidst time and technical challenges.  The resulting master plan met our launch goals and repositioned our brand amidst a competitive market.  A joy to work with.

Lauren Nowicki, Director of Marketing, Dacon Corporation



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