Checklist Design: A collection of the best UX and UI practices

A collection of the best design practices, the ones we remember and the ones we forget.

Published on
February 16, 2021

This is an amazing collection of best design practices, made by George Hatzis. This checklist has collected all the tiny and big things we need to think about while launching a website. Thank you to George Hatzis, a product designer and maker, and who works on Checklist Design in his spare time.

Checklist Design Screenshot

“Good checklists, on the other hand are precise. They are efficient, to the point, and easy to use even in the most difficult situations. They do not try to spell out everything--a checklist cannot fly a plane.

Instead, they provide reminders of only the most critical and important steps--the ones that even the highly skilled professional using them could miss.

Good checklists are, above all, practical.”

The Checklist Manifesto - by Atul Gawande


and by George a coffee!