How to Write a Killer Intro to your Post with "Preview, Proof, Bridge"

How do you write blog post introductions that stand out and grab someone’s attention?

Published on
June 16, 2021

Pretty much everyone reads the introduction.

And if the intro is too long.

Or boring.

Or just not super compelling.

People are going to hit their “back” button like there’s no tomorrow.

In fact:

Blog post intros are so important that I usually spend MORE time on my intros than my headlines.Why?

Because we know that if you lose someone with the intro, you have lost them for good.

“Your headline gets someone to your post. Your intro keeps them there.”

Question is:

How do you write blog post introductions that stand out and grab someone’s attention?




And all that testing led  to ONE formula that crushes them all. A formula that I use for 90%+ of  blog posts.

It’s called The PPB Formula.

(The “PPB” stands for: Preview, Proof, Bridge)

Here’s a real life example of The PPB formula in action:

PPB Formula

Let’s break it down.

First up, you have the Preview.

Here’s where you let your reader know EXACTLY what to expect from your content.

That way, when someone lands on your post, they know they’re in the right place.

Here’s an example:

“In this post I’m going to show you how to get more views on YouTube.”

Next, it’s time for the Proof.

Here’s where you show people that you know your stuff.

Your proof can be in the form of:

-Personal results
-Years of experience
-Client examples
-Credentials or certifications

For example:

"In fact, these are the exact techniques that I used to grow my channel to 228K views per month.”

Last up, we have the Bridge.

Here’s where you transition people from your intro into the body of your content.

In other words: you build a bridge from your intro to the meat of your post.

Here are a few bridges you can use in your introductions:

-Keep reading
-Let’s get started
-It’s time for the first step
-Let’s dive right in
-Now it’s time to show you what happened
-Let’s kick things off with strategy #1

In my experience, this little bridge pushes people to keep reading your post.

And before they know it, they’re hooked.

So try this tactic out and let me know how it goes.

Talk Soon,

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Thank you to Brian Dean of Backlinko for the content for this post.