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Why the Hero Message Matters So Much

Published on
August 12, 2020

Since we do a lot of work in the non-profit space, and never stop learning we look to Mighty Citizen a company that transforms mission-driven organizations through branding, marketing, and digital communications for incredible insight on some of the challenges we face everyday. There are so many articles but this one stands out because writing a value proposition on your home page is the first thing most new viewers will see when visiting your website and one of the biggest conversations we have with our clients on every project. Posted here for your resource:

Why the Hero Message Matters So Much

As a reminder, a “hero message” is the one- or two-sentence statement that appears atop your website’s homepage.

That first hero message article was inspired by my frustration with websites that employ fuzzy, meaningless, misleading marketing copy. Here’s an example of one such hero message that says absolutely nothing of meaning to the average user:

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