3 Videos to Learn How to Manage Your Webflow Website

Watch these Videos to Learn How to Manage your Webflow Website, Collections, and Pages

Published on
March 29, 2023

1. Guide to the Editor: Introduction

A brief overview of the Webflow Editor — log in and change or add content at any time.

2. Guide to the Editor: Pages tab

Use the Pages tab to edit each page, optimize site search settings, and set passwords for specific pages.

3. Guide to the Editor: Collections tab

Collections are like databases — use them to organize team members, blogs, and other content types.

That's it!

Of course every website MacPhee Design works on has custom CMS Collections to fit your organization but after you have watched these videos, it will lay the groundwork for managing your website. We will make sure you know how your website is unique and how to leverage your collections so your content is a delight to your visitors and a solid SEO machine for the search engines. If you have an ecommerce site make sure you watch these videos too.