Webflow Style System

Organizations need scalable, manageable projects. It's easy with a Client-First system.


Organized websites in Webflow help developers, clients, or anyone understand the project. Together we can build scalable, manageable projects.

It's very easy to become disorganized fast. With Client-First as set of guidelines and strategies to build Webflow websites, we can create a project organization system to work faster in Webflow, with less effort. And if you have a team member with website skills, that person can easily learn the right way to make developer-level changes on the website. And with thousands of developers that know Client-First, you know you are in good hands for project growth and handoff.


  • Scalable Webflow designs
  • A project that less-experienced people can manage inside Designer
  • Living style guide

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Doctors looking at an X-ray

Firefly Health

Firefly Health delivers healthcare at its best and partners with MacPhee Design for ongoing Webflow expertise and Client-First design system implementation.