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Research institutions of different sizes, structures use Webflow to increase visibility, attract talent and funding.

Why MacPhee Design

Departments, faculty and students need a scalable way to showcase latest research and build academic profiles.

We have years of experience building personal, academic, departmental, or project websites that are highly dynamic, powerful, and customized for your organization with zero maintenance, no security hassles, and a flexible CMS. And with the Webflow Editor, there are no complex dashboards or disconnected back end — just you, your website, and the content you want to change.

Research + Higher Ed


Harvard University

Open Scholar

A Webflow design to a Drupal build. A corporate website along with many templates designed for personal, academic, departmental, and projects.

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MIT Black History

A central archival and storytelling system built in Drupal to show evidence of the history of African Americans at MIT and to provide young people an instrument for action and a power for their future.

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