MIT Black History

A central archival and storytelling system built in Drupal to show evidence of the history of African Americans at MIT and to provide young people an instrument for action and a power for their future.

From a project that grew organically over the years with assets on a variety of social networks, MacPhee Design in partnership with the MIT Black History project team worked to create a single source archival and storytelling system in Drupal. We built a framework for managing files and multimedia assets reusable in any part of the website, reducing database size and adding significant editorial organization. We also built a sophisticated design system of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to build any number of page and story layouts. We are proud to be a partner in this project and share the vision of the project members to inspire young people to live their dreams and continue the project's objective to research and disseminate a varied set of materials that shed light on this rich, significant legacy.

Web Design (UI/UX)

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Content Strategy

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Images from the project

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Client feedback

We couldn’t have completed the website without you! You have the perfect technical skills, knowledge of the organization, temperament and patience to lead projects in this environment.

Ramona B. Allen

Assistant Dean, Massachusetts Institute of Technology