Make a lasting impression with a personalized logo perfect for your brand.


A small studio approach to your big ideas.

If you need help crafting a new brand that's impactful and flexible for all mediums, we will work with you to create a logo and a brand for your company. We are Webflow experts and don't claim to be brand strategists but we do get what it means to have a design that works across all mediums. We also work with a network of what we think as real brand designers should you need a deeper dive into your brand recognition and final product.


  • Main logo
  • Logo variations for horizontal and vertical placement
  • Favicon
  • Social media logos
  • WebClip
  • Font selections
  • Brand colors
  • Branded open graph images

Relevant work

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Doctor and administrator at whiteboard

Ochsner Health Network

Helping a hospital system merge two networks and make a more usable and manageable website.

Honey Bee on a yellow flower

New Hampshire Bee Association

Built for a better tomorrow and the advancement and study of honey bees, beekeeping, the economic importance of apiculture, and to help the honey bees thrive.

Conference room

Bauer Harris

A minimalist website for a boutique executive search firm highlighting their people, services, and industry-leading expertise.

Close-up of packaging

MIT Black History

A central archival and storytelling system built in Drupal to show evidence of the history of African Americans at MIT and to provide young people an instrument for action and a power for their future.

Environmental activists holding a sign "Because there is no Planet B"


Alliance of Climate & Environmental Stewards was created to empower communities of stewards to act locally but the one thing it was missing was a website to pull it all together.

Interior design portfolio image, small conference booths

Ebbrell Architecture + Design

Ebbrell Design, a boutique architectural firm, wanted to launch its rebrand with a new, modern website to bring out its best for clients.