RootCellar Concepts

An upscale home concept needed a website to present the breakthrough new product in a way the homeowners, builders, and architects all could learn and act on the new idea.

RootCellar© Concepts unveiled a new product for fine homes that changed the approach to grocery shopping, food organization, and refrigeration. The first website was built in-house and needed more design sophistication and details to highlight this product to high-end homeowners. Their PR agent asked MacPhee Design to build a website that's modern, refreshing, and showcased the product features. Sales have hit the roof and we like to think that in partnership with PR, the modern design, usability of the website, along with SEO optimization has helped the team enjoy great success.

Template Conversion

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CMS Build

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SEO Optimization

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Content Strategy

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Client feedback

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Phillip Aminoff

Founder and CEO